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Job Analysis of the Knowledge Important for Newly Licensed/Certified Teachers of Art

Norback, Judith; Rosenfeld, Michael; Wattay, Diane; Wesley, Scott
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ETS Research Report
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Art, Job Analysis, Praxis Series, Teacher Certification, Teacher Qualifications


(108pp.) A job analysis was conducted to define a knowledge domain important for newly licensed certified art teachers. The results will be used to develop specifications for the art assessment that will be included as part of the subject assessments of The Praxis Series: Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers. An initial draft domain was constructed by ETS, reviewed and modified by several art education consultants and by an external Advisory/Test Development Committee, and verified through a large- scale, national survey of art teachers, administrators, and college faculty who were asked to rate the specific knowledge statements of the domain using a 5-point importance scale. A cutpoint of 2.50 (midpoint between moderately important and important) was established. The study identified 205 of 307 knowledge statements judged to be important for newly licensed (certified) art teachers by the diversity of educational professionals responding to the survey. The correlation coefficients of also indicate that there is substantial agreement in the importance ratings across the diversity of art education professionals. (JGL)

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