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The Unique Correspondence of Item Response Functions and Item Category Response Functions in Polytomously Scored Item Response Models

Chang, Hua-Hua; Mazzeo, John
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ETS Research Report
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Correlation, Invariance Principle, Item Response Models, Probability, Scoring, Test Items


(20pp.) The item response function (IRF) for a polytomously scored item is defined as a weighted sum of the item category response functions (ICRF, the probability of getting a particular score for a randomly sampled examinee of a given ability). This paper establishes the correspondence between an IRF and a unique set of ICRFs for two of the most commonly used polytomous IRT models (the partial credit models and the graded response model). Specifically, a proof of the following assertion is provided for these models: If two items have the same IRF, then they must have the same number of categories; moreover, they must consist of the same ICRFs. As a corollary, for the Rasch dichotomous model, if two tests have the same test characteristic function (TCF), then they must have the same number of items. Moreover, for each item in one of the tests, an item in the other test with an identical IRF must exist. Theoretical as well as practical implications of these results are discussed

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