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Defining the Content Domain for the Praxis II Subject Assessment in Business Education: A Job Analysis Focusing on Knowledge and Skills

Tannenbaum, Richard J.
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ETS Research Report
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Beginning Teachers, Business Administration Education, Job Analysis, Praxis, Teacher Certification, Teacher Qualifications, Test Content


The purpose of this study was to conduct a job analysis of the knowledge and skills important for the competent performance of beginning business education teachers. The results of the job analysis will be used to define the content domain of the Subject Assessment in Business Education for the Praxis Series: Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers. A domain of 207 important knowledge statements and skill statements was developed by subject-matter experts. These statements were then incorporated into a survey that was administered to a large number of business education teachers, administrators, and teacher educators. These business education professionals rated the importance of the knowledge statements and skill statements using a 5-point scale. The survey component functioned as an independent verification or refutation of the importance of the statements defined by the subject-matter experts. Statements that were judged to have a mean importance rating equal to or greater than 2.50 (midpoint between moderately important and important) by all groups (teachers, administrators, and teacher educators) and all subgroups (race or ethnicity, sex, geographic region, and teaching experience) of survey respondents were considered eligible for inclusion in the development of the Subject Assessment in Business Education. The results indicated that of the 207 knowledge statements and skill statements, 17 (8%) had a mean rating of less than 2.50 across all groups and subgroups of survey respondents. It is recommended that these 17 statements not be included in the development of the Subject Assessment in Business Education. Primary emphasis in the test development process should be placed on the 190 knowledge or skill statements that did pass the 2.50 cut point. (60pp.)

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