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Using Multimedia in Large-Scale Computer-Based Testing Programs

Bennett, Randy Elliot; Goodman, Madeline; Hessinger, James; Ligget, John; Marshall, Geoff; Kahn, Helen D.; Zack, June
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ETS Research Report
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Computer-Assisted Testing, Computer Software, Item Types, Multimedia


To make substantial improvements in how and what we measure, future generations of tests will need to tap nontraditional constructs, base test designs on cognitive principles, and increase the diversity of problem types. The advent of computer-based tests makes some of these improvements more feasible, especially diversifying problem types. One means of diversification is by including dynamic stimuli such as audio, video, and animation. We give examples of how such stimuli might be employed to assess skill in history, physical education, and the sciences. In addition, we pose an initial set of issues for consideration by operational testing programs

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