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Intercultural Transitions in Human Development and Education

Laosa, Luis M.
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ETS Research Report
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Culture Contact, Children, Intergroup Relations, Adults, Educational Development, Life Events


Intercultural transitions are alterations that occur in individuals and in their environments as a consequence of contact between cultures. This paper focuses on the life events that children (and the adults in their lives) may face in bridging cultures, the options they are given, the choices they make—or that adults make for them—the circumstances and experiences that accompany these choices, and their consequences. The paper identifies and discusses issues in need of research concerning ways to foster scholastic success and socioemotional well-being in populations that contemporary policies and practices may be putting at risk for school failure and for other forms of marginality. A better understanding of these issues can contribute to the improvement of intergroup relations, and it can be used to enhance the educational development and life chances of individuals from all ethnocultural and linguistic backgrounds.

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