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Exploration of an Automated Editing Task as a GRE Writing Measure

Breland, Hunter M.
Publication Year:
Report Number:
GREB-96-01R, RR-99-09
ETS Research Report
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Automation Computer Assisted Testing Editing Grade Point Average (GPA) Graduate Record Examinations Board Graduate Students Interrater Reliability Multivariate Analysis Self Evaluation (Individuals) Writing Skills


Two editing tasks were developed and programmed for the computer to explore the possibility that such tasks might be useful as measures of writing skill. An informal data collection was then conducted with 52 prospective graduate students. These students completed the editing tasks with no time limit, as well as a writing experience questionnaire. Scores obtained on the two editing tasks were correlated with variables developed from the questionnaire. The total score for the two editing tasks correlated .52 with student self-assessments of their writing ability, .46 with grade-point average (GPA) based on courses requiring at least some writing, and .30 with writing accomplishments. The correlation with GPA, however, was only .14. The reliability of the total editing score was estimated at .84.

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