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The Academic Quality of Prospective Teachers: The Impact of Admissions and Licensure Testing

Gitomer, Drew H.; Latham, Andrew S.; Ziomek, Robert
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ETS Research Report
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Praxis, SAT, ACT, Teachers, Teacher Quality, Teacher Licensure, College Admissions


Across the board, teacher testing was found to positively influence the average SAT and ACT scores of the prospective teacher pool, while at the same time limiting the overall supply of teachers. The data further revealed that the prospective teacher pool is highly homogenous with respect to race/ethnicity, and that disparate passing rates on teacher tests limit the racial/ethnic diversity of the teaching force even further. If minimum passing scores on teacher tests are raised, as many advocates of high standards have recommended, the SAT and ACT scores of the prospective teacher pool will rise dramatically, but the supply and diversity of the pool will fall equally dramatically. The authors conclude that teacher testing holds great promise, but must be used judiciously and in combination with other reform efforts to ensure an adequate supply of academically talented and racially/ethnically diverse teachers.

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