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Predictions of Freshman Grade-Point Average From the Revised and Recentered SAT I: Reasoning Test GPA SAT I

Bridgeman, Brent; McCamley-Jenkins, Laura; Ervin, Nancy S.
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ETS Research Report
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College Board, Scholastic Assessment Test, Validity, Ethnic Groups, Group Differences, Correlation, Prediction, Grade Point Average (GPA), Sex Differences


SAT I scores and high school grade-point average (HSGPA) with FGPA were generally higher for women than for men, although this pattern was reversed at colleges with very high mean SAT I scores. When a single prediction equation was used for all students, men tended to get lower grades than predicted, and women got higher grades than predicted. African-American and Hispanic/Latino men received lower grades than predicted, but women in these groups performed as predicted by the composite. Both men and women with intended majors in math/science got lower grades than would be predicted by an equation based on scores for all enrolled students.

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