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Adult Literacy and Lifeskills Survey: Information and Communication Technology Literacy Assessment Framework

Lowe, Graham S.; McAuley, Julie
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ETS Report on the Adult Literacy and Lifeskills Survey (ALLS)
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Subject/Key Words:
Computer Literacy, Cognitive Measures, Workforce Participation, Job Skill Requirements, Digital Divide


The purpose of this document is to briefly outline a conceptual framework and question content for an information and communication technology (ICT) literacy module for the Adult Literacy and Lifeskills Survey (ALLS). Because both the framework and the measures have been developed through consultation with various ALLS research team members, content area experts, and national project managers, this process also is described. Based on a selective yet illustrative review of relevant literature, the paper provides a rationale for the need to include such a module within an international context and the factors that may influence ICT literacy skills of potential respondents. The incorporation of an ICT literacy component in the ALLS assessment recognizes that the ability to use ICT--essentially, computers and their diverse applications -- is an important resource that influences an individual's economic and social participation and human capital development.

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