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User's Guide for SCORIGHT (version 1.2): A Computer Program for Scoring Tests Built of Testlets

Wang, Xiaohui; Bradlow, Eric T.; Wainer, Howard
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ETS Research Report
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Testlets, SCORIGHT, Dichotomous Items, Item Response Theory, Computer Programs, Automated Scoring, Polytomous Items, Bayesian Statistics


SCORIGHT is a very general computer program for scoring tests. It models tests that are made up of dichotomously or polytomously rated items, or any kind of combination of the two through the use of a generalized IRT formulation. The items can be presented independently, or grouped into clumps of allied items (testlets), or in any combination of the two. When there are testlets the program assesses the degree of local dependence and adjusts the estimates accordingly. The estimation is accomplished within a fully Bayesian framework using Markov chain Monte Carlo procedures. This methodology yields the complete posterior distributions of the parameters, which allows the easy calculation of many important characteristics of the test scores that are not available with other methods.

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