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Preparing for the Pre-Professional Skills Test

Stricker, Lawrence J.; Wilder, Gita Z.
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ETS Research Report
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Pre-Professsional Skills Test, Test Preparation, Ethnicity, Social Class


This study investigated the extent and nature of preparation for the Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST), the reasons for preparing or not preparing, and differences in these results for White and minority-group test takers and for middle-class and working-class test takers. Recent PPST test takers were surveyed. Preparation for the PPST was limited and mainly involved activities that were free or inexpensive, such as taking a sample test. The reported reasons for not preparing and the empirical correlates of measures of preparation were primarily attitudinal. Ethnic-group and social-class differences in the extent and nature of test preparation were minimal, but there were some differences in reported reasons and correlates of preparation, primarily less awareness of test preparation resources by White and middle-class test takers and few correlates of test preparation for Black test takers.

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