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Digital Transformation: A Framework for ICT Literacy ICT

International ICT Literacy Panel
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ETS Report of the International ICT Literacy Panel
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Information Communication Technology (ICT), ICT Literacy, Technology, Computers, Technical Skills, Cognitive Skills, Adult Literacy


In January 2001, ETS convened an international panel to study the growing importance of existing and emerging information and communication technologies (ICT) and their relationship to literacy. The panel was made up of experts from education, government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), labor, and the private sector. Representatives from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, and the United States were included in the group. The panel deliberations had two major themes. First, ETS, along with the panel members, wanted to examine the need for a measure of ICT literacy across countries as well as within specific organizations, such as schools and businesses. As a second goal, ETS and the panel wanted to develop a workable framework for ICT literacy. This framework would provide a foundation for the design of instruments including large-scale assessments intended to inform public policy and diagnostic measures to test an individual's skills associated with information and communication technology. Given the enormous and growing importance of technology in people's everyday lives, the panel setout both to frame what we already know about ICT literacy and to define what we don't know. The panel also advances a set of policy recommendations directed to governments, educators, NGOs, labor, and industry regarding ICT literacy.

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