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Loglinear Smoothing: An Alternative Numerical Approach Using SAS SAS PROC GENMOD

Moses, Tim P.; von Davier, Alina A.; Casabianca, Jodi
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ETS Research Report
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Loglinear Smoothing, SAS PROC GENMOD, Test Equating


The purpose of this report is to demonstrate loglinear smoothing using SAS PROC GENMOD. The results from four published examples, which include the smoothing of a) univariate distributions, b) bivariate distributions, c) distributions with teeth, and d) bivariate distributions with structural zeros, are reproduced to show the flexibility of the SAS procedure. Comparisons of graphical displays and likelihood ratio statistics show that the SAS procedure yields results identical to the published results. SAS PROC GENMOD provides an alternative approach to smoothing that is readily available for researchers and graduate students in educational measurement, as well as researchers from other scientific fields.

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