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An Assessment for Learning System Called ACED: Designing for Learning Effectiveness and Accessibility ACED

Shute, Valerie J.; Hansen, Eric G.; Almond, Russell G.
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ETS Research Report
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Accessibility, Adaptive Content with Evidence-Based Diagnosis (ACED), Adaptivity, Bayesian Methods, Diagnostic Tests, Assessing People with Disabilities


Study 2 examined the accessibility of ACED for students with visual disabilities (N=4; two blind and two low vision)—in a condition involving both adaptive sequencing and elaborated feedback—using a variety of accessibility features. Available features included voicing of test content (via synthesized and prerecorded audio), talking tactile graphics, font enlargement, screen magnification, and so on. Together these studies lay groundwork for the design of AfL systems that can enhance the learning of individuals with and without disabilities.

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