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Establishing the Validity of TOEIC Bridge Test Scores for Students in Colombia, Chile, and Ecuador TOEIC ELPT

Sinharay, Sandip; Feng, Ying; Saldivia, Luis; Powers, Donald E.; Ginuta, Anthony; Simpson, Annabelle G.; Weng, Vincent Z.
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ETS Research Report
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Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC), TOEIC Bridge Test, English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT), Test Validity


The validity of TOEIC Bridge scores as a measure of English language skill was examined from the standpoint of a unified concept of test validity. In this study, more than 6,000 test takers in 3 Latin American countries (Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador) took 1 form of the TOEIC Bridge test, and their scores were compared to additional information about the students (teacher judgments, self-assessments, and performance on other academic achievement measures). The evidence collected was generally quite consistent with the interpretation of TOEIC Bridge scores as indicators of the English language competencies for the students examined.

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