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Effect of Immediate Feedback and Revision on Psychometric Properties of Open-Ended Sentence-Completion Items GRE CBT

Attali, Yigal; Powers, Donald E.; Hawthorn, John
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ETS Research Report
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Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Constructed-Response Items, Feedback, Answer Revision, Computer-Based Testing (CBT), Reliability, Validity


Registered examinees for the GRE General Test answered open-ended sentence-completion items. For half of the items, participants received immediate feedback on the correctness of their answers and up to two opportunities to revise their answers. A significant feedback-and-revision effect was found. Participants were able to correct many of their initial incorrect answers, resulting in higher revised scores. In addition, the reliability of the revised scores and their correlation with GRE verbal scores were higher. The possibility of using revision scores as a basis for measuring potential future learning is discussed.

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