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Score Equity Assessment: Development of a Prototype Analysis Using SAT Mathematics Test Data Across Several Administrations SAT SEA

Dorans, Neil J.; Liu, Jinghua
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ETS Research Report
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Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Mathematics, Test Assembly, Score Equity Assessment (SEA), Equating, Test Linking


The equating process links scores from different editions of the same test. For testing programs that build nearly parallel forms to the same explicit content and statistical specifications and administer forms under the same conditions, the linkings between the forms are expected to be equatings. Score equity assessment (SEA) provides a useful tool to check form equitability. We suggest use of SEA as a quality control tool to evaluate how well a test assembly process works over several administrations. The examination of multiple forms should provide a proper assessment of the fairness of the test assembly process. We illustrate how to include SEA into statistical and psychometric practice with data from several administrations of the SAT-Math.

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