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Self-Constructs and Anxiety Across Cultures PISA

Lee, Jihyun
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ETS Research Report
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Mathematics Skills, Mathematics Anxiety, Self Concept, Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)


This study examined the factorial structure of three related constructs, math self-concept, math self-efficacy, and math anxiety, across 41 countries. One factorial structure was achieved at both between- and within-country levels. Within-country variations of the self-constructs were also noted in relation to math performance: Self-concept showed the strongest correlations in some Western European countries, but it was self-efficacy that demonstrated the strongest correlations among Asian and Eastern European countries. Findings also indicate that students in some Asian countries have low math self-concept and math self-efficacy and high math anxiety despite high math performance, while students in some Western European countries have high math performance and low levels of math anxiety.

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