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English Language Learners With Reading Disabilities: A Review of the Literature and the Foundation for a Research Agenda ELL

Shore, Jane R.; Sabatini, John P.
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ETS Research Report
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English Language Learners (ELL), Second Language Acquisition, Learning Disabilities, Learning Differences, ELL Assessment, Assessing People with Disabilities


The challenges begin at referral to services and span to measurement of disabilities. The fifth section provides information on interventions and the application of information gained through assessment. The sixth section, the conclusion, points to key considerations related to the identification of RD in ELLs on the K-12 level, especially in the area of the definition, measurement, and instruction of ELLs identified with RD. It also examines the potential for further development and research of assessment and effective instruction programs. Key findings and implications are summarized in the areas of RDs, referral, current assessment, assessments in development, instructional practices, and teacher preparation.

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