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Construction of Chained True Score Equipercentile Equatings Under the Kernel Equating (KE) Framework and Their Relationship to Levine True Score Equating NEAT CTSEE LTSE KE

Chen, Haiwen (Henry); Holland, Paul W.
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ETS Research Report
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Non-Equivalent-Groups Anchor Test (NEAT) Design, Chained True Score Equipercentile Equating (CTSEE), Levine True Score Equating (LTSE), Kernel Equating (KE)


In this paper, we develop a new chained equipercentile equating procedure for the nonequivalent groups with anchor test (NEAT) design under the assumptions of the classical test theory model. This new equating is named chained true score equipercentile equating. We also apply the kernel equating framework to this equating design, resulting in a family of chained true score equipercentile equating functions, which include the Levine true score equating model as a special case.

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