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Field Study Results for the Redesigned TOEIC Listening and Reading Test

Liao, Chi-Wen
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TOEIC Compendium
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English as a Foreign Language (EFL) English as a Second Language (ESL) English Language Proficiency English Language Skills Listening Skills Reading Skills Self-Assessment Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) Test-Taker Performance Validity


SUMMARY: This paper describes the results of a field study for the 2006 redesigned TOEIC Listening and Reading tests, which includes analyses of item and test difficulty, reliability and correlations between test sections with classic TOEIC Listening and Reading tests. Results are consistent with another comparability study (Liao, Hatrak and Yu's in 2010), which found evidence of the reliability of the redesigned tests, and suggested that scores on the redesigned test could be interpreted and used in similar ways to classic TOEIC Listening and Reading test scores. This provides evidence for the reliability and consistency of TOEIC Listening and Reading test scores as well as the validity and fairness of score interpretations comparable to the previous version. ABSTRACT: ETS conducted a field study in November 2004 to evaluate the psychometric quality of the proposed TOEIC Listening and Reading redesign. The statistical results of the field study are documented in this paper, which is part of the Research Foundation for TOEIC: A Compendium of Studies, published by ETS in 2010.

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