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Applying Score Design Principles in the Design of Score Reports for CBAL™ Teachers CBAL

Zapata-Rivera, Diego; VanWinkle, Waverly Hester; Zwick, Rebecca J.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Design and Evaluation of Score Reports, Score Reports for Teachers, Design Principles, Cognitively Based Assessment of, for, and as Learning (CBAL)


Every year in the United States, millions of score reports are produced and delivered to teachers, students, parents, school administrators, and policymakers. However, existing research shows that many educators have trouble understanding and making appropriate use of score reports. We have developed and evaluated several teacher score reports (i.e., individual, classroom, and item information score reports) in the context of a learning-centered assessment system, that is, the CBAL™ (Cognitively Based Assessments of, for, and as Learning) research project. In this paper we describe a framework for developing and evaluating score reports, present several Web-based teacher score report prototypes that have been designed by applying score design principles, and summarize the results of two studies designed to evaluate the score reports with teachers.

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