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Building a Case to Develop Noncognitive Assessment Products and Services Targeting Workforce Readiness at ETS

Naemi, Bobby D.; Burrus, Jeremy; Kyllonen, Patrick C.; Roberts, Richard D.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Workforce Readiness, Noncognitive, Noncognitive Assessment, Personality


The goal of this paper is to establish the case for conducting research on the readiness of individuals for the workforce as part of the Workforce Readiness Initiative at ETS, with specific emphasis, at least initially, on noncognitive indicators of readiness. We begin by defining a conceptual framework that encompasses noncognitive constructs and measures, followed by a brief review of the literature highlighting the importance of noncognitive predictors in education and the workforce. Next, we examine the importance of research on workforce readiness and consider how ETS can conduct workforce readiness research. Finally, we give an overview of work accomplished in this area at ETS, include an action plan of workforce research in progress, and summarize future planned directions.

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