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Stakeholders' Beliefs About the TOEFL iBT Test as a Measure of Academic Language Ability TOEFL iBT

Malone, Margaret E.; Montee, Megan
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ETS Research Report
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TOEFL iBT, Validity Argument, Washback Effect [Testing], Focus Groups, Surveys, Stimulated Recall, Higher Education, Language Ability, Beliefs, Stakeholders


The TOEFL iBT test presents test takers with tasks meant to simulate the tasks required of students in English-medium universities. Research establishing the validity argument for the test provides evidence for score interpretation and the use of the test for university admissions and placement. Now that the test has been operational for several years, additional evidence is needed to support the validity argument, as well as to identify directions for future research or changes to the test. To address this need, this study examines the extent to which students, instructors, and university administrators understand and agree with the construct of academic language underlying TOEFL iBT tasks.

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