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Development of the Mission Skills Assessment and Evidence of Its Reliability and Internal Structure MSA INDEX

Petway II, Kevin T.; Rikoon, Samuel H.; Brenneman, Meghan; Burrus, Jeremy; Roberts, Richard D.
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ETS Research Report
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Noncognitive Constructs, Teacher Report Measures, Student Development, Test Reliability, Skills Assessment, Mission Skills Assessment (MSA), Independent School Data Exchange (INDEX), Middle School Students, Self Report Measures, Situational Judgment Tests (SJT)


The Mission Skills Assessment (MSA) is an online assessment that targets 6 noncognitive constructs: creativity, curiosity, ethics, resilience, teamwork, and time management. Each construct is measured by means of a student self-report scale, a student alternative scale (e.g., situational judgment test), and a teacher report scale. Use of the MSA provides schools with the opportunity to examine and monitor development of noncognitive skills in their students from Grade 6 to Grade 8. The use of the MSA has facilitated changes to curricula and more targeted instruction. The MSA scales exhibited meaningful relationships with standardized test scores and absenteeism, suggesting that these constructs play an important role in student behaviors and academic performance. This report presents reliability and factor analysis evidence for the student self-report and teacher report scales of the MSA to highlight its ability to measure the 6 constructs.

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