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The ETS Work Readiness Strength Assessment and Training System (WRSATS) WRSATS

Shore, Jane R.; Lentini, Jennifer; Rikoon, Samuel H.; Seybert, Jacob M.; Noeth, Richard J.
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ETS Report
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ETS Work Readiness Strength Assessment and Training System (WRSATS), Community Colleges, Higher Education, Career Development, Workforce Assessment, Workforce Readiness, Noncognitive Skills, Personality Measures, 21st Century Skills


This report describes the design, development, and preliminary piloting of the ETS Work Readiness Strength Assessment and Training System (WRSATS). The WRSATS is targeted to community colleges and programs in career pathways, workforce and workplace training, and adult secondary education (ASE). The system consists of three components: (a) the Work Readiness Strength Assessment (WRSA) measuring 13 personality facets and six competencies (initiative and perseverance, responsibility, flexibility and resilience, teamwork and citizenship, customer service orientation, and problem solving and ingenuity), (b) the individualized Work Readiness Strength Profile (WRSP), which provides feedback to individuals on facets and competencies, and (c) the Work Readiness Training System (WRTS), a set of eight learning modules, one for each competency, and an introduction and conclusion, all of which are based on best practices in adult and workforce education programming. This report describes these components, summarizes preliminary pilot studies addressing their usability and feasibility, and discusses future research.

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