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Designing Sustainable Funding for College Promise Initiatives

Millett, Catherine M.
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ETS Research Report
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Funding, College Promise Programs, College Tuition, Higher Education, College Choice, College Costs, Student Financial Aid, Scholarships, State Aid, Outcome Measures, Savings, Sustainability, Community Colleges, Education Policy, Federal Aid, Pell Grant Program


College promise programs are spreading throughout this United States. These programs fund tuition and/or fees for eligible students who are actively progressing toward earning postsecondary certificates and undergraduate degrees. While existing college promise programs have varying designs, each one appears to be seeking continuous and long-term financial sustainability. The existing programs appear to be aimed toward ensuring that the promise of college tuition and fees can be fulfilled for future generations of students. Towards that end, ETS and the College Promise Campaign convened the “Designing Sustainable Funding for College Promise Initiatives” conference on June 2 and 3, 2016, for the primary purpose of reviewing and refining five models. This report contains the five papers that the appointed design teams presented.

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