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Articulating and Evaluating Validity Arguments for the TOEIC Tests TOEIC AUA

Schmidgall, Jonathan
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ETS Research Report
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Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC), Test Quality, Assessment Use Argument (AUA), Argument-Based Approach, Score Interpretations, Score Validity, Test Validity


This report provides a brief overview of how the TOEIC program has adopted an argument-based approach to validity in order to support the use of the TOEIC tests. This approach emphasizes the need to explicitly state claims about the measurement quality and intended use of a test and to support those claims with evidence. This report briefly summarizes how the assessment use argument (AUA) exemplifies this approach and was used to construct validity arguments for the TOEIC tests. After highlighting the practical applications of the validity arguments that were constructed, it highlights challenges associated with this work and proposes several extensions. Overall, this process demonstrates how TOEIC research takes a broad, critical, and rigorous approach to support the use of the TOEIC tests.

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