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Insights Into Using TOEIC Test Scores to Inform Human Resource Management Decisions HR TOEIC

Oliveri, Maria Elena; Tannenbaum, Richard J.
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ETS Research Report
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Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC), Human Resource Management, Human Resources (HR), Employee Selection, Promotions, Workplace Skills, Employee Training, Professional Development, English Language Skills, Decision Making, Test Scores


This report explores the ways in which human resource (HR) managers use TOEIC scores to inform hiring, promotion, and training decisions in an international workplace. Two data sources were used (a) previously collected test users' testimonials that described managers' use of TOEIC scores to inform HR decisions and (b) test-use examples collected from HR managers and TOEIC representatives specifically for this project. Our analysis of test-use examples provided insight into how companies use TOEIC scores to inform HR decisions related to hiring, promotion, and training of employees in international businesses. To conclude, we provide suggestions for future research such as providing services to test users (e.g., assessment literacy, the development of assessments measuring additional components of workplace English, or algorithms to help analyze the various variables relevant to informing HR decisions) to continue to support meaningful and relevant score-based HR decisions and score interpretations.

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