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Investigating the Factor Structure of the iSkills Assessment DIL iBT

Katz, Irvin R.; Rijmen, Frank; Attali, Yigal
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ETS Research Report
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iSkills Assessment, Digital Information Literacy (DIL), Test Validity, College Students, Higher Education, ICT Literacy, Internet Based Testing (iBT), Performance Based Assessment, Scenario Based Tasks


Few would argue about the growing importance of information and communication technology (ICT) literacy as relatively new and distinct skills that affect educational attainment, workforce readiness, and lifelong learning. There is less agreement, however, as to what ICT literacy skills and knowledge are, how best to measure them, and strategies for teaching ICT literacy. For teaching and assessment, a core issue is the extent to which ICT literacy can be considered as a collection of discrete skills versus a student's understanding of information as a whole. This report outlines the concept of ICT literacy as implemented in the iSkills™ assessment, an Internet‐delivered, performance‐based assessment designed to measure students' ability to research, organize, and communicate information using technology. Factor analyses of data from more than 600 students support the idea that ICT literacy comprises an integrated set of highly related skills.

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