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Examining the Applications and Opinions of the TOEFL ITP Assessment Series Test Scores in Three Countries ELA TOEFL

Golubovich, Juliya; Tolentino, Florencia; Papageorgiou, Spiros
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ETS Research Report
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TOEFL ITP, Assessment Literacy, Perceptions, Opinions, User Survey, Interviews, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Test Scores, Test Validity, English Language Assessment (ELA), Higher Education, Secondary Education


In this study, 249 users of the TOEFL ITP assessment series (e.g., admissions officers, English‐language teachers, academic staff) in Japan, Mexico, and Indonesia were surveyed about their uses and opinions of TOEFL ITP scores, followed by in‐depth interviews with 21 of these users. Overall, the most common use of the test was as an exit requirement from English‐language programs to demonstrate proficiency in English listening and reading. The majority of participants saw TOEFL ITP scores as very useful indicators of students' English‐language proficiency. Interviews helped clarify the user needs met by this assessment and how test scores were actually applied. Study participants indicated that they need a relatively inexpensive and practical English‐language assessment that also provides them with enough information to make decisions about test takers' proficiency in all relevant skill areas. Some of the ways interviewees talked about using TOEFL ITP scores were consistent with the recommendations of Educational Testing Service (ETS), while other uses (e.g., for workplace applications) were more questionable, as they might imply potentially higher stakes than were intended for this test. The results of the study highlight areas where TOEFL ITP users might need additional informational support with regard to score interpretation and use.

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