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Alignment Between the ProEthica Program and the Model Code of Ethics for Educators MCEE

Hutchings, Troy; Reese, Clyde M.; Stern, Jessica
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ETS Research Memorandum
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ProEthica, Moral Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE), Professional Development, Professional Ethics, Alignment of Standards, Teachers, Elementary Secondary Education


In May of 2016, 12 educators from 9 states participated in a study to document explicitly the alignment between the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE) and the ProEthica program. ProEthica is a professional development program designed by Educational Testing Service (ETS) to help educators and educator candidates develop an understanding of professional ethics and provide guidance in applying professional ethics in practice. The ProEthica program includes 6 interactive modules (the first module is an introduction) and was designed to (a) provide an introduction to professional ethics, (b) explore the complexities and competing tensions inherent within the educator’s role, and (c) inform decision-making based on professional standards. ETS facilitated a judgment-gathering process to identify which MCEE principles are addressed by the modules that comprise the ProEthica program. The combined judgments of the experts determined the alignment of the 5 ProEthica program modules to the MCEE principles and their supporting categories. Each of the 5 MCEE principles, as well as the 18 categories under the principles, were judged to be covered by 1 or more of the ProEthica program modules. In addition, the video scenarios and written scenarios included in the modules were judged to be realistic, frequently encountered, and important.

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