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Reflections on Equity‐Centered Design ECD CBAL

Oliveri, Maria Elena; Nastal, Jessica; Slomp, David
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ETS Research Report
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Fairness, Equity in Assessment, Integrated Assessment, Framework, Assessment Design, Authentic Assessment, Educational Opportunity, Evidence Centered Design (ECD), Consequences, Diverse Learners, Assessment Development, Utility, Cognitively Based Assessment of, for, and as Learning (CBAL)


This report discusses frameworks and assessment development approaches to consider fairness, opportunity to learn, and consequences of test use in the design and use of assessments administered to diverse populations. Examples include the integrated design and appraisal framework and the sociocognitively based evidence-centered design approach. The report also provides an overview of approaches that have been used before to increase the utility, relevance, and authenticity (verisimilitude) of assessments to inform various decisions made from the use of assessments administered to diverse populations. These considerations are important as the test-taker populations engaging in assessment situations become increasingly more diverse at the national and international levels.

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