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Teachers’ Perceptions of ProEthica Program Learning Outcomes

Buzick, Heather M.; Stone, Elizabeth; Jackson, Tanner
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ETS Research Memorandum
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ProEthica, Professional Ethics, Teacher Professional Development, Student Learning Outcomes, Code of Ethics, Teacher Attitudes


Ethics education can provide an opportunity to educators to learn how to fulfill their professional responsibilities with regard to ethics, including making decisions that protect students’ welfare. The ProEthica program is a professional development program for teachers and administrators. The basic intended intermediate outcomes of the ProEthica program for teachers are that teachers will learn how to balance competing obligations and expectations in their relationships with students, colleagues, administrators, and the community and that they will gain knowledge about best practices and principles embodied in the Model Code of Educator Ethics. The purpose of this study was to collect initial evidence about the intended intermediate outcomes. Three surveys were developed and administered to teachers in a pilot school district before they began the ProEthica program, after they completed the program, and at the end of the program year. The study methodology and summaries of survey responses are documented in this report.

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