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Expanding the Question Formats of the TOEIC Speaking Test ELL

Park, Elizabeth; Bredlau, Elizabeth
Publication Year:
ETS White Paper
Document Type:
White Paper
Page Count:
Subject/Key Words:
TOEIC Speaking Test, English Language Learners (ELL), English Language Proficiency, Item Format, Test Design, Task Design, Assessment in the Service of Learning, Test Specifications


SUMMARY: Traditionally, researchers have used the term "authenticity" to refer to the degree to which tasks on a language test correspond to those used in the real world, with authenticity being a desired characteristic of tasks and tests. This white paper explains how the format of several questions in the TOEIC Speaking test was expanded to include a greater variety of real-world situations. This systematic process used by TOEIC test developers helped produce a more authentic test without altering its overall difficulty, resulting in even more authentic interpretations of speaking proficiency.

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