Background and Goals of the TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test Redesign Project

Schedl, Mary
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validity English language profiency writing skills speaking skills test-taker performance English as a foreign language EFL English as a second language (ESL) English language skills


In January 2003, a team of content and statistical analysis specialists was formed to consider a redesign of the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test as it then existed. The test redesign coincided with an effort to investigate the possibility of making high quality TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests available to test score users as additional test components. Information about the development and design of the constructed response modules is available separately. This paper, which focuses on the redesign of the TOEIC Listening and Reading test, is part of the Research Foundation for TOEIC: A Compendium of Studies, published by ETS in 2010.

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