Statistical Analyses for the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Pilot Study

Liao, Chi-wenWei, Youhua
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validity English language profiency writing skills speaking skills test-taker performance self-assessment English as a foreign language EFL English as a second language (ESL) English language skills reliability test difficulty rater reliability


A pilot study conducted in December 2006 evaluated the statistical properties of the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests in order to confirm whether the planned design for the tests was achieved. The results of the study also helped fine-tune the final design of the tests before they were launched for operational use. The statistical analyses conducted for this study included determining the difficulty of the tests, establishing the correlation among different parts of the tests, and examining test score reliability and inter-rater reliability. This report documents the results of these statistical analyses. This paper is part of the Research Foundation for TOEIC: A Compendium of Studies, published by ETS in 2010.

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