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Too Big To Fail: Millennials on the Margins
Anita Sands and Madeline Goodman


The authors wish to acknowledge the contributions of many individuals who played an important role in the preparation of this report. First, the authors want to thank the following reviewers for their thoughtful comments and suggestions: T.J. Elliott, Patrick Kyllonen, Eugene Gonzalez, and John Sabatini of Educational Testing Service (ETS); and Richard Murnane, Harvard Graduate School of Education. The authors also wish to thank Irwin Kirsch, ETS; Henry Braun, Lynch School of Education at Boston College; Richard Coley (retired, ETS), and Neeta Fogg, Paul Harrington, and Ishwar Khatiwada of the Center for Labor Markets and Policy at Drexel University for their thoughtful feedback on the paper. While those who reviewed the paper provided valuable comments, all errors of fact or interpretation are those of the authors. We are also grateful for the editorial and data support from Larry Hanover, Shelley Keiper, and Janice Lukas. Finally, we appreciate the production support from Nicole Fiorentino, Phillip Leung, and Darla Mellors.