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ETS Research Agenda: Addressing Big Educational Challenges

ETS’s Research Agenda: Addressing Big Education Challenges

In 2017, ETS refocused its research agenda around projects that could help to solve big, global educational challenges that are most pressing for stakeholders, including learners, parents, educators, faculty, administrators, employers and policymakers.

Over our 70-year history, ETS's research projects have made significant contributions toward developing solutions for real-world problems. This recent move to focus on big educational challenges signifies ETS's commitment to maximizing the company’s impact on lives and communities through its three mission-related goals:

  • Improving teaching and learning
  • Expanding opportunities for individual learners
  • Improving education policy and assessment

This work builds on our foundational research on statistical and psychometric methodology that has continually advanced the science of educational measurement. Committing to this substantial agenda requires the dedication of long-term research initiatives and investments. For this agenda to be as effective as possible, scientists across different research areas are working together to share knowledge and tackle these challenges.

The eight big educational challenges we aim to address are to:

  • Increase Sustainable Access to a Diverse and High-quality Teaching Pool
  • Improve the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) Pathways
  • Raise U.S. Literacy Levels
  • Support U.S. English Learners' Development of Language Proficiency
  • Raise Global Foreign-language Proficiency
  • Increase the Diversity and Quality of Admissions to Higher Education
  • Advance the Assessment and Development of Skills for the New Economy
  • Support Underserved Learners and Those Who Teach Them

We will share more information about the comprehensive research projects that are underway to address these challenges in the coming months. To learn more about this work in the meantime, download ETS Research Agenda: Big Educational Challenges.

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