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ELFA Teacher's Versions

The Teacher's Versions provide specific guidance on how to incorporate the English Learner Formative Assessment (ELFA) forms in the classroom and are tailored to each individual ELFA assessment form.

Teacher's Versions, also referred to as "Probes," specifically address the following:

  • Initial and more detailed question probes for each task
  • Specific learning evidence to be elicited from each task
  • Questioning/Probing to help student's understanding at the word, sentence and discourse level
  • Teacher considerations for individual questions and future instruction

Read the Teacher's Version to understand how ELFA can be used for formative purposes in real time while students are engaged in ELFA assessment tasks.

Download the sample Teacher's Versions:

The remaining forms are available upon request by sending an email to the project director, Mikyung Kim Wolf (

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