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Reading for Understanding

The Reading for Understanding initiative is designed to provide effective strategies for improving reading comprehension for students in grades preK–12.

The U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences funds the effort and has selected six teams for the initiative, one of which is led by ETS. This team's mission is to develop and evaluate the next generation of assessments of reading comprehension skills. Also on ETS's team are Florida State University, Arizona State University and Northern Illinois University.

The other five teams focus on building innovative reading interventions. They are led by Florida State University, Ohio State University, the Strategic Education Research Partnership, University of Illinois, Chicago, and University of Texas, Austin.

The six Reading for Understanding teams involve over 130 researchers representing linguistics, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, reading, speech and language pathology, assessment and evaluation working together in close collaboration.

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ETS Research Forum: John Sabatini & Tenaha O'Reilly

ETS Research Forum: John Sabatini & Tenaha O'Reilly Video

Watch a presentation from ETS's R&D Forum about the Reading for Understanding initiative (Flash, 50:51).