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Reading for Understanding — Research Collaboration

ETS is responsible for several aspects of the Reading for Understanding initiative's effort to develop innovative assessments, including:

  • Design, Development and Scientific Oversight
  • Psychometrics
  • Technology
  • Assessment Development
  • Assessment Design and Field Work

Meanwhile, our partners — Florida State University, Arizona State University and Northern Illinois University — focus on formative assessments, assessments that measure advanced reading skills and how reading develops over time.

We are also working with schools and districts to design studies, pilot the assessments with students and interpret and present the results in ways that are valuable to educators.

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ETS Research Forum: John Sabatini & Tenaha O'Reilly

ETS Research Forum: John Sabatini & Tenaha O'Reilly Video

Watch a presentation from ETS's R&D Forum about the Reading for Understanding initiative (Flash, 50:51).