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Why Intern at ETS


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On-screen: [ETS®]

Male Speaker: Awesome.

Female Speaker: Enlightening.

Female Speaker: Transformative.

On-screen: [Why Intern at Educational Testing Service?]

Female Speaker: Encouraging.

Female Speaker: Inspiring.

Male Speaker: Eye-opening.

Speaker (Selene Sunmin Lee, ETS Research Intern): I'm interning at the National and International Assessments Team. Specifically, I'm working on PISA, which is a program for international student assessment.

Speaker (Liberato Silva dos Santos, ETS Research Intern): The research project is a smart-phone-delivered language test.

Speaker (Brielle Brookins, ETS Research Intern): I'm researching graduate admissions, processes and policies and their diversity outcomes.

Speaker (Rafael Quintana, ETS Research Intern): And in particular, I'm working in a project that's intended to measure students' online inquiry skills.

Liberato Silva dos Santos: My internship has stimulated my interest in assessment in general, and language assessment in particular.

Rafael Quintana: It has given me the chance of understanding how we can create assessments that we haven't thought about before, or that we're not using.

Speaker (Lief Esbenshade, ETS Research Intern): Gaining a much closer knowledge of how ETS works and how ETS acts to further research around testing and the creation of new methods of testing.

Liberato Silva dos Santos: I did not know that so many researchers worked here, and I still did not have the perspective that research is done in teams as big as the ones that we have here at ETS.

Speaker (Kalina Gjicali, ETS Research Intern): The thing that I enjoyed most about this internship experience is working with my mentor and meeting other colleagues that have different specialty areas that relate to assessment.

Speaker (Ropa Denga, ETS Research Intern): My mentor is very supportive and passionate about my success. I can explore what research I want to do with the data that I have, but then if there's nothing, she's frank enough to say, “Look, maybe this is not the right approach. Have you considered this?” and that's been very helpful in shaping how I look at things.

Brielle Brookins: And also to really speak with people on how they ended up here and the paths that they took, which are so varied, right? So, it's almost inspirational.

Rafael Quintana: I would definitely recommend this internship for people who are interested in education from a very interdisciplinary perspective. They're very different groups here working from different backgrounds and perspectives on education, learning, and assessment.

Liberato Silva dos Santos: It's a very rich experience to be able to work with real data and working on a real problem that needs to be solved, coming up with a technological solution.

Selene Sunmin Lee: I would recommend it for anyone who wants to explore career opportunities outside of academia, because ETS® is a perfect combination of keeping one foot in research, as well as having a closer relationship with the real world.

Female Narrator: Any social aspects that you also are taking away from this, or was it all work?

Lief Esbenshade: All work, all the time. [Laughter.] No, no, no. It's been great. It's been a lot of fun.

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