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Adult Learning in Focus
Pamela Tate, The Council for Adult & Experiential Learning
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What We Learn from Large-Scale Comparative Adult Assessments
Irwin Kirsch, Educational Testing Service
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Breaking Down the Silos: Implications for Employment and
Postsecondary Training

Anthony Carnevale, Georgetown University
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ETS: Examining the Demographics, Education, Skills and Workforce Readiness of Adults
Shirley Pippins, American Council on Education
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We Don't Know What We Know: Adult Learning and Tacit Knowledge
Barry Sheckley, University of Connecticut
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Alternative Types of Adult Education and Training in Community Colleges
Thomas Bailey, Columbia University
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AACC Plus 50 Initiative: Advancing Learning for Our Diverse Adult Population
Mary Sue Vickers, American Association of Community Colleges
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Promoting Innovations: Government Policies
Jill Wakefield, Seattle Community College District
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Tennessee's Adult Student Strategy
Richard Rhoda, Tennessee Higher Education Commission
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