Health and Learning Go Hand in Hand


Health and Learning Go Hand in Hand


ETS hosted a convening of 23 health and education experts on May 5 and 6, 2016. The convening was supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to support ETS in the exploration of opportunities for collaborations between the health and education sectors. Researchers in these sectors recognize that the persistent disparities in health and education require frameworks that consider a variety of social, neighborhood, school and family characteristics that influence opportunities to thrive and prosper across multiple domains of life.

These committed and involved experts participated in this convening and exchanged knowledge and ideas. The convening had three objectives:

  • to define research opportunities available given existing data systems
  • to identify research priorities for advancing health and K–12 education collaborations
  • to recommend measures and methods to consider in future health and education data systems

In the context of RWJF's Culture of Health Action Framework, fostering cross-sector collaboration is a key area of action to influence population health and well-being. As such, education and school settings are critical to building a Culture of Health by supporting healthy development and producing healthy and equitable communities.

Similarly, at ETS we are interested in examining circumstances beyond and within schools to explain the persistent achievement gaps across economic and racial population groups.

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