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Coronavirus GRE® Testing Updates for Europe, Middle East and Africa


Updated March 12, 2021

Ongoing updates regarding important information about future testing and test-taker support will be added to this page. Please bookmark it.

Newest update: The GRE® General Test at home is here to stay so you have the option to test at home or at a center.

Test Center Testing

As countries begin to open from the global pandemic, so are GRE® test centers. Almost every country has some test centers open, with nearly half of test centers worldwide outside of China reopened. Openings vary by country and depend on the threat of the coronavirus and local government requirements, which are outside of ETS's control. ETS remains committed to the health and safety of test takers and staff during this reopening.

If you want to register for a test, you can search for currently available test seats in your area.

In areas where test center testing remains limited, you can take the test at home with the GRE® General Test at home.

Updated Test Center Procedures

All of our test centers are following prevention steps to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Be sure to check with your local test center for a complete list of health and safety procedures.

  • You must bring your own mask, or you will not be admitted to the test center. Depending on the test center and/or local policy, you may be required to wear it some or all of the time you are in the test center. You are permitted to wear a mask even if it is not required. Medical masks and cloth face coverings are acceptable. Masks with valves or vents are not permitted.
  • You will need to remove the mask temporarily to have your photo taken and to enable the test center to verify your ID during check-in and upon returning from breaks.
  • You may bring rubber gloves to wear during the test, but they are not required.
  • All test centers have regular schedules for frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces and provide disposable wipes so that you can wipe down your testing area.


If your GRE General Test appointment is postponed, you will be notified by email about rescheduling your test. Check your account and your email regularly to confirm your testing status.

You can make the following changes in your account without contacting GRE Services:

  • Reschedule your GRE General Test appointment at a test center to another test center appointment.
  • Reschedule your GRE General Test appointment due to health concerns, even if your test center remains open.
  • Reschedule from a test center appointment to an at home appointment.

If you want to register for a test, you can check test center and date availability in the GRE test registration system.

GRE® General Test At Home

The GRE General Test at home option is available everywhere that the GRE General Test is normally available, except Mainland China and Iran. The ability to register for the at home test is based on the country name you enter in your ETS account. If the country name matches a country where the test is available, you will see the "Test at Home" option as you begin registration.

In Mainland China, testing resumed at a limited number of locations. Additional locations and dates are being added monthly as conditions permit.

The GRE General Test at home is identical in content, format, on-screen experience and scoring to the GRE General Test taken at a test center. To maintain test security, it is monitored online by a trained human proctor from start to finish by artificial intelligence technology and trained human proctors from ProctorU®.

Learn more about the test and how to register.

Disability Accommodation Requests

Disability accommodations are available when taking the GRE General Test at home. You can request accommodations via your ETS account before registering for a test. If you receive approval for accommodations of extended time, extra breaks, screen magnification or selectable colors, you can register directly in your ETS account. For all other approved accommodations, you must register through ETS Disability Services. Due to limited staffing, there could be delays in processing accommodation requests.

GRE® Subject Test Administrations

The GRE Subject Test administrations scheduled for September 12 and October 17, 2020, were canceled due to impacts from the pandemic. The Subject Tests cannot be offered online at this time, so the next opportunity to take a Subject Test — assuming health conditions improve — will be April 2021.

Free Test Prep

We encourage students to take advantage of free GRE test preparation resources, including:

Stay Connected

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To connect with fellow test takers, visit the Official GRE General Test communities on

Your Well-being Remains Our Top Priority

Tips to keep you and others healthy:

  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Practice respiratory hygiene.
  • Feeling unwell? Seek medical care early.
  • Get advice from a health care provider.
  • Stay informed: World Health Organization.