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Important COVID-19 Updates — GRE® Testing

August 20, 2020

I am writing to share some important updates with you about the GRE® Subject Tests, the GRE® General Test and new GRE® test preparation modules for advisors and educators who conduct student workshops. Please share this message with colleagues at your institution who may need to know this information.

The GRE Subject Tests — The Subject Test administrations scheduled for September 12 and October 17 have been canceled due to impacts from the pandemic. Health concerns and local COVID-19 restrictions are preventing many institutions that have hosted paper-based GRE Subject Test administrations in the past from being able to provide a safe testing space this fall. The Subject Tests will not be offered online at this time. Those who have already registered to take a Subject Test are being informed of the cancellations and their test fees will be refunded. We understand that many score users will be disappointed at this news, just as we understand that some programs may need to make temporary changes to their admissions requirements. We regret having to take this step. However, we feel strongly that this decision is in the best interest of test takers and staff at our partner institutions. The next opportunity to take the GRE Subject Tests — assuming that public health conditions have improved — will be April 2021.

The GRE General Test — The General Test continues to be available to students around the world to take either at home or at a test center. More than 150,000 students in 148 countries and territories have registered to take the at home test. To date, we've announced availability through the end of September, but be assured that ETS intends to offer the at home test for as long as COVID-19 is a concern so that students can opt to take the test from the safety of home. The at home test remains available even in areas where test centers have reopened, so students can choose which option works best for them.

In addition, about half of our computer-based test center network outside of China has reopened. Openings vary by country and are dependent upon the prevalence and threat of COVID-19 as well as government mandates by region — factors that are outside of ETS's control. All of the test centers in our network are following rigorous preventive measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. In July, testing resumed in Mainland China, and we’ve added additional dates through the end of the year in collaboration with the government's National Education Examinations Authority. To learn more about the at home test, register for an upcoming webinar or visit the web pages for Institutions and GRE Test Takers.

Free Test Prep Modules for Student Workshops — The GRE Program has introduced free GRE test preparation modules for advisors and educators who conduct workshops with students. The modules, which include video presentations and additional resources, can complement institutional test preparation activities. And of course, students can always access free test prep resources directly on the GRE website.

Should there be any further assistance that ETS can provide to you during this time, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your continued partnership, and we'll keep you updated on further developments.


David G. Payne, Ph.D.
Vice President and COO, Global Higher Education