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Equipment and Environment Requirements

Make sure your computer and testing room meet these requirements before you register.

What to Expect on Test Day

Learn about testing procedures and what to expect when you take the test.

After the Test

Receive your scores and learn about retesting if needed.

After the Test

Most procedures after your at home appointment are the same as for tests taken at a physical test center.

Scores and HSE Credentials

To see your official HiSET® scores, log into your HiSET account. On average, official scores are posted within:

  • three business days for multiple-choice subtests
  • five business days for Language Arts – Writing Subtest

Your scores are automatically sent to the state where you tested — at a physical location or an at home exam. The state that issues your high school equivalency credential will be the state where you completed and passed your last HiSET subtest.

Taking Another Subtest

When you're ready to schedule your next subtest, you can:


You can take each HiSET subtest up to three times in a calendar year. However, each state or jurisdiction may also have its own policies for retaking a test. For example, some have a waiting period before you can retest or additional test center fees that may apply. Make sure you check your state requirements.

Once you've determined if you're eligible to retest, you can schedule your appointment in either of the ways listed above.