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Praxis® Tests at Home

ETS is temporarily offering select Praxis® and School Leadership Series (SLS) tests at home while many test centers are closed or have limited seating. To help as many test takers as possible, we are only offering the most frequently administered tests for at home delivery. The tests are identical in content, format and on-screen experience to tests taken at a test center. They are taken on your own computer at home or another secure location and monitored by a human proctor online through ProctorU®. At home appointments are currently available 10 a.m.–1 a.m. ET, seven days a week to address the scheduling needs of candidates across the United States and its territories.

Am I Eligible?

The option to take a Praxis or SLS test at home is available to those who meet the following criteria:

  1. Your computer must meet the equipment requirements for the test, including the installation of the ETS Test Browser and the ProctorU Systems Check.
  2. You must have a room that provides an acceptable environment for the test.
  3. Your test must be offered as an at home test.

Is your test offered at home?

The following tests are available as part of the at home testing solution. Test at home titles are subject to change.

See the full list of tests

  • Praxis® Core Tests
  • 5751Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test (Reading, Writing and Mathematics)
  • 5752Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test (Reading, Writing and Mathematics)
  • 5732Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics
  • 5733Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics
  • 5712Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading
  • 5713Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading
  • 5722Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing
  • 5723Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing
  • Praxis® Subject Tests
  • 5343Audiology
  • 5235Biology: Content Knowledge
  • 5101Business Education
  • 5245Chemistry: Content Knowledge
  • 5652Computer Science
  • 5025Early Childhood Education
  • 5571Earth and Space Sciences: Content Knowledge
  • 5024Education of Young Children
  • 5412Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision (ELAS)
  • 5017Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • 5018Elementary Education: Content Knowledge
  • 7801Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching
  • 7802Elementary Education: Reading and Language Arts—CKT
  • 7803Elementary Education: Mathematics—CKT
  • 7804Elementary Education: Science—CKT
  • 7805Elementary Education: Social Studies
  • 7811Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching
  • 7812Elementary Education: Reading and Language Arts—CKT
  • 7813Elementary Education: Mathematics—CKT
  • 7814Elementary Education: Science—CKT
  • 7815Elementary Education: Social Studies—CKT
  • 5001Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (combined test that includes Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science subtests)
  • 5002Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects: Reading and Language Arts Subtest
  • 5003Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects: Mathematics Subtest
  • 5004Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects: Social Studies Subtest
  • 5005Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects: Science Subtest
  • 5901Elementary Education: Three Subject Bundle—Mathematics, Social Studies and Science
  • 5903Elementary Education: Three Subject Bundle—Mathematics
  • 5904Elementary Education: Three Subject Bundle—Social Studies
  • 5905Elementary Education: Three Subject Bundle—Science
  • 5038English Language Arts: Content Knowledge
  • 5362English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • 5122Family and Consumer Sciences
  • 5511Fundamental Subjects
  • 5435General Science: Content Knowledge
  • 5163Geometry
  • 5857Health and Physical Education: Content Knowledge
  • 5161Mathematics: Content Knowledge
  • 5047Middle School English Language Arts
  • 5169Middle School Mathematics
  • 5440Middle School Science
  • 5442Middle School Science: Content Knowledge
  • 5089Middle School Social Studies
  • 5114Music: Content and Instruction
  • 5152Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Core Assessment: English, Language Arts and Social Studies, Mathematics and Science
  • 5156Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Subject Concentration: English Language Arts
  • 5157Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Subject Concentration: Social Studies
  • 5158Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics
  • 5159Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Subject Concentration: Science
  • 5095Physical Education: Content and Design
  • 5265Physics: Content Knowledge
  • 5621Principles of Learning and Teaching: Early Childhood
  • 5622Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades K–6
  • 5623Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 5–9
  • 5624Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 7–12
  • 5421Professional School Counselor
  • 5301Reading Specialist
  • 5086Social Studies: Content and Interpretation
  • 5081Social Studies: Content Knowledge
  • 5354Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications
  • 5543Special Education: Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Applications
  • 5545Special Education: Core Knowledge and Severe to Profound Applications
  • 5272Special Education: Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
  • 5691Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood
  • 5383Special Education: Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities
  • 5282Special Education: Teaching Students with Visual Impairments
  • 5331Speech-Language Pathology
  • 5205Teaching Reading: Elementary
  • 5203Teaching Reading: Elementary Education
  • 5206Teaching Reading: K–12
  • 5051Technology Education
  • School Leadership Series (SLS)
  • 6990School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA)
  • 6991School Superintendent Assessment (SSA)

For all other tests not included in the at home solution, please check for availability at physical testing centers by using the U.S. ZIP code or Location search options in your Praxis account or SLS account.

Ready to Get Started?

Watch our Praxis tests at home video for a preview of the entire testing from home process including:

  • equipment and environment requirements
  • two-step registration process
  • what to expect on test day
  • after the test

Please follow the steps below, IN ORDER, to ensure that you meet the requirements and can properly register for your test. Use the at home preparation checklist to help guide you through the steps.