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What to Expect on Test Day

Knowing what to expect when you take your at home test will help ensure you're ready to do your best on test day. Review this information to learn about the at home testing procedures for the Praxis® and SLS tests, including the materials you'll need and how to prepare the room where you'll test.

At Home Testing with ProctorU® Tutorial Video

This video offers a closer look at how to prepare your testing area, the check-in process and what you should expect during your at home test.

Before Your Test Session Begins

  • Run a final ProctorU Systems Check and fix any issues before you attempt to check in for your test. All issues must be resolved before your appointment time.
  • Close all browsers and applications not needed for the test. This can help prevent bandwidth issues while you test.
  • Make sure any other devices in your home that use internet are not running.
  • Gather the materials you'll need for your test session. (All other materials are prohibited.)
    • Passport or other acceptable ID
    • Acceptable note-taking materials, such as a whiteboard or plastic transparency sheet, that can be erased in view of the proctor
    • Cellphone or hand-held mirror for check-in
  • Make sure your testing area meets all environment requirements, including:
    • The room is quiet and well lit.
    • The table and surrounding area are clear.
  • Make sure you are dressed appropriately, with your ears and face visible to the proctor. Avoid wearing any jewelry or other accessories.

Checking In

  • Log in to your ProctorU account at your appointment time. You'll have up to 15 minutes after your scheduled time to begin your check in. If you haven't checked in by that time, your test will be canceled and your fee will not be refunded.
  • Select "Start Session."
  • Complete the authentication steps, which include showing your ID to the proctor. The name on your ID must match the name on your ETS account.
  • The proctor will review the exam rules and request access to your computer screen for monitoring purposes.
  • The proctor will ask you to use either a hand-held mirror or cell phone to show your computer screen.
  • The proctor will ask you to use the camera on your computer to show a 360-degree view of the room, including your tabletop surface.
  • When directed by the proctor, you'll launch the ETS Test Browser. The proctor will provide the password to access the test.
  • Expect this process to take approximately 20 minutes.

During the Test

Your entire test session will be recorded by ProctorU and monitored by a human proctor, and your photo will be taken.

Interacting with the proctor

  • During the test, the proctor will monitor you (via video camera) and your computer screen to ensure you follow all testing procedures.
  • Make sure you can be seen on camera by the proctor. Suspicious movements could invalidate your test.
  • If you need to contact the proctor during your test, speak to get their attention and/or use the LogMeIn chat. It may take 30–60 seconds for the proctor to reply.
  • If the proctor is attempting to chat with you, the blue owl will bounce up and down.

Testing policies and procedures

  • Don't use any unauthorized materials, including mobile devices, prewritten notes or textbooks.
  • Personal recording devices of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • Don't communicate with anyone else except the proctor.
  • There may be references to using a headset during your test. Ignore these; headsets are NOT allowed in the tests at home.
  • Some, but not all, tests offer you an opportunity to view unofficial scores at the end of your testing session. At the end of the test session, but before reviewing the unofficial score information, the computer gives you the option to report or cancel your score. Once you have chosen to report the score, it cannot be canceled. If you cancel your score, it will not be reported and it cannot be reinstated on your record. You also will not receive a refund if you choose to cancel your score.

Unscheduled Breaks

  • Most tests don't offer a scheduled break. If you are taking any of the following tests, you can take a short, unscheduled restroom break after the conclusion of one test, but before completing review of the General Directions for the next test. For more information, please review Praxis Test Center Procedures or SLS Test Center Procedures.
    • Praxis® Core combined test (5751 and 5752)
    • Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects test (5001)
    • Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching (7811)
    • Elementary Education: Three Subject Bundle—Mathematics, Social Studies and Science (5901)
    • Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Core Assessment (5152)
    • School Leaders Licensure Assessment (6990)